How to Transfer Files Through WiFi with Flash Transfer On Android

Today i am going to giving a guide for Transferring Files Through WiFi With Flash Transfer On Android devices.Are you searching for “How To Transfer Files Through WiFi With Flash Transfer On Android ?” then you are at the right place.I am giving a perfect guide about it.

What is flash transfer ?
It is android application which allows you to share files via USB tethering.You can share images,videos,applications,any type of files via WiFi with this application.It will give you 5 Mbps transferring speed so you can share larger files in faster way.It is taken from the Micromax Mobiles’s blot series but its supports to all android devices.
Lets start the procedure for Transferring Files Through WiFi With Flash Transfer.

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Requirements :
1.An android devices with WiFi future
Procedure for Transferring Files Through WiFi With Flash Transfer :

Step 1 : Download “Flash-Transfer” from the requirement section and install it on your android device.
Step 2 : You have to install this application on the both android device.
Step 3 : Open the App write your name and choose image then tap on the save.
Step 4 : After it you will find the option of “Connect with friends” Tap on it.
Step 5 : Select the option “Create a connection” after you show creating connection on another devices select the option “Scan to join”.
Step 6 : After click on join after a seconds you will show the name of your partner’s tap on the name and let the connection establish.
Step 7 : That’s it your androids are now connected, just select the files and shake your phone files will send with just a seconds.
Yoohoo! I never show the file sharing at this speed, i can transfer 100 MB in just 15 seconds !!! You can also connect more than two connections in this application and can share files with your group in fastest way.
Share this “How To Transfer Files Through WiFi With Flash Transfer On Android” with your friends and family and share your files 10x faster then before.

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